The Different genres of Fiction Writing

There are different types of fictions, such as Romance, Thriller, and so on – which are known as genres or types. Different genres of fiction writing have different plots, contexts, writing styles and readership aims, which we shall go into right below:

  • Action/Adventure: In Action thrillers, the key component is an adventure, often involving unfriendly, rough terrains such as desert, jungle, mountains etc. The characters – which may not be the main thrust of the genre in general – often are mercenaries, soldiers or military operational. War may be involved. This type of fiction is often targeted at male readership.
  • Biographical Novels: This involves a life story of a famous character, and considerable imagination goes into turning the documentations and histories into the structure of a novel. It is something like a historical fiction except that here the characters are real characters that have documented evidence of their life.
  • Historical Fiction: Here the time is placed in a recognizable period of history. It might incorporate the political and social setting of that time as well as the characters that live and act specific to that particular time period.
  • Romance: The main subject matter of this type of fiction is the love relationship between the two main protagonists. It differs structurally from a novel, but that discussion is for another day. The couple’s relationship forms the main plot structure of the fiction – boy meets girl, they fall in love, they have some brief period of conflict and separates, then everything is resolved and they get together and live happily ever after. This is basic structure of Romance fictions.
  • Science Fiction: This involves elements of science and technology as the basic components of the plot. Most of the science fictions are placed in the future and there is a healthy element of fantasy in it, though it garbs itself as science and technology. In fact, the line between science fiction and fantasy is thin enough to be controversial, with scientists often challenging the scientific premises on which the stories are build. In science fiction the writer may use his/her imagination to carry the idea forward, but there must be some scientific consistency to let credence to it.
  • Fantasy: In fantasy, imagination can really be let free. It often consists of magical beings, or people with magical powers and mythology plays a good part in the plot structure.
  • Murder Mystery/Thrillers: The main intent of this type of fiction is to arouse excitement and suspense. More often than not it has a ‘who done it’ plot structure, where a crime is committed the plot and characters revolve round finding the perpetrator. Violence is present as a theme and the plot construct is ‘good vs. evil’ where the evil is invariably caught and punished at the end.

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