Authors’ Funda: Secrets of Book Promotion and Marketing


Are you an author, or an academician, confused about the most effective and result-oriented book promotion and marketing strategies for of your upcoming book?

To begin with the basics of book promotion and marketing, a few golden rules must be kept in mind. Presuming the author and editor are most comfortable with each other, consider first the content itself. A publisher helps with content in tidying up, editing intelligently and getting the book out.

To reach as many as possible, visit as many bookstores as possible. Authors and publishers can promote their books on a person-to-bookshop basis. This is where a Book Fair is invaluable. Book Launch Events, too. When you speak, stick to a few main points as to why people should buy the book. confused_author

Most of all, be consistent in enthusiasm. Selling a book is harder than it looks. Look out for becoming frustrated and giving up. But don’t.

Content and design do matter. It makes the would-be readers take a hard look at your book. To be marketed successfully, a book has to be a professional product – both content-wise and design-wise. That means the author and publisher also have to think about who is going to buy and read your book and how to reach them. Select your media to achieve the maximum possible penetration in your target market.

When it comes to book promotion, get as many people involved as possible – friends and relatives, colleagues and persons you employ. Actively participate in networking in real life as well as Online: meet more people and make more contacts. This is where facebook and twitter come in. More and more promos get noticed through the social media. Go out to blog, in the same way that you are reading this blog.


To put our “how to’s” mentioned here in a nutshell, here’s what you need to remember :

  • The book launch. The first point of visibility for your book.
  • Target your social media. Following readers, book clubs, book bloggers, and reviewers. Use keywords to follow other bloggers. See what they are writing. All blogs provide information. Book a blog tour.
  • Get in touch with really good Book Marketing Experts who can help bring the world of readers to your book: Book a day with one of these people — there a number of options to fit your budget, such as the marketing & distribution experts at Purushottam Publishers, or the value-added marketing and distribution packages offered by Orange Publishers.
  • Persuade as many respected media as you can, to review your book. If you aren’t happy with a review, do not worry. Whether complimentary or not, a review will generate interest and lead to book sales.
  • Share great content: share articles, quotes, pictures, and other interesting content that is about your topic and/or about your book.
  • Carve out a distinctive market niche, and “brand” yourself and your work. Carve out a narrow, distinctive niche in the book marketplace based on a simple, believable concept, theme, or image that will appeal to target readers. Distinguish your work from all others in your genre.

Hope this brief write-up has given you a workable outline on this otherwise vast subject. Write back to us if you have any questions. You can also call us and set a time to discuss with our experts on book promotion and marketing. To know more, keep reading our other enriching articles on related subjects.

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